8, 10 or 11 Things That Make a Difference

Chris Betcher blogged about a conversation we had at the Little Creatures Brewery some years ago where we discussed the common themes that emerge from research about the lack of ICT uptake by schools and teachers.

Sadly little has changed. The main difference now is that most teachers use ICT in their preparation and administration. Still relatively few use ICT regularly in the classroom.

Chris listed 8 things that he remembered from the conversation. I had 10 things on my original list and Chris wrote this article based on it at the time (PDF). I later modified his piece to add Flexible Learning Spaces as an 11th thing. The modified version (PDF) is now part of my ICT Integration Guidebook which is quite popular and is used by schools and in several tertiary courses.

What we underestimated at the time is the importance of time for teachers to be free of the “daily press” (Fullan) to reflect and plan for change. May be it’s time for a 12th thing!

Are IWBs number 13?